Tulip Care

Lucky you! You’ve received a vase of tulips from Pearsons Florist. So what do you do next?

To ensure your tulips last a long time, Pearsons will send out tulips that are still tightly closed, with some green buds that aren't fully colored yet. The flowers will open over the course of a few days, giving you more time to enjoy them. Follow these simple steps for maximum vase life and pleasure from these truly delightful blooms.

When you first receive your tulips check the level of water in the vase and top it up if any was spilled in transit to your delivery.

Place your flowers in a cool spot. Avoid heat, direct sunlight, windows and strong draughts. Flowers will last longer in a cool room and if you keep them out of direct sunlight. Avoid placing them near appliances that generate high or low temperatures like the stove, air conditioner, ceiling fans, and even your computer or TV. And here’s a little insider tip – don’t stand them near a fruit bowl – the ethylene gas let off from fresh fruit can cut seriously cut the lifespan of your flowers.

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Tulips are very special flowers as they continue to grow after they are cut and they will twist and turn to head towards the light in a room. So turning the vase every few days will ensure that stay nice and straight.

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Tulips are a very thirst cut flower and drink lots of water. So, make sure to check your vase every day and add water when needed. Lift the flowers out every few days and clean the vase and refill with fresh water to ensue there is no bacteria. Bacteria is the enemy of cut flowers!

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