Mother's Day

Your Guide to the Perfect Mother’s Day Flowers

This Mother's Day, Pearsons Florist can help you express your deepest affections with our exquisite collection of flowers, each symbolising the unique qualities and unconditional love of mothers. With a longstanding reputation for quality, creativity, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we ensure your gift is as special as its recipient. 

Unwrapping Mother's Day

In Australia, Mother's Day 2024 falls on the 12th of May, the second Sunday of the month, which is a tradition shared with many other countries around the world. This special day is a time to honour and express gratitude to mothers and mother figures for their unwavering love, sacrifice, and guidance.

The origins of Mother's Day can be traced back to ancient festivals dedicated to mother goddesses, but the modern version of the holiday began in the early 20th century in the United States. It was Anna Jarvis who campaigned for the establishment of a national Mother's Day to honour mothers and motherhood. Following its adoption in the U.S., the concept of Mother's Day spread globally, with each country adding its traditions and interpretations to the celebration.

The tradition of celebrating Mother's Day in Australia began to take root in the early 1920s. It was Janet Heyden, a resident of Leichhardt, who started a campaign to collect gifts for lonely and forgotten mothers in Newington Hospital. The idea quickly gained popularity, evolving into the widespread celebration of Mother's Day as we know it today.

Celebrating Mother's Day with Heartfelt Gestures

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to show your love and appreciation in a variety of ways. Here are some event ideas to make this Mother's Day unforgettable:

Brunch or Breakfast in Bed: Start the day by treating your mother to a delicious brunch at her favourite restaurant or surprise her with breakfast in bed. It's a heartfelt way to begin the celebrations and make her feel cherished.
Family Get-Togethers: Organise a family gathering to celebrate the day. Whether it's a picnic in the park, a backyard barbecue, or a cosy dinner at home, bringing the family together is a beautiful way to make Mother’s Day truly memorable.
Spa Day or Relaxation Treat: Book a spa day for your mum or create a DIY spa experience at home. It's a thoughtful way to give her some much-needed relaxation and pampering.
Personalised Gifts & Flowers: Personalised gifts, along with her favourite blooms in one of our exquisite arrangements, can make the day extra special. Whether it's a custom piece of jewellery, a photo album of cherished memories, or a hand-written letter, personalised gifts speak volumes.
Creative Workshops or Classes: Enrol together in a creative workshop or class, such as pottery, painting, or cooking. It's a unique way to spend quality time together and learn something new. Flower arranging is a creative way of spending time with your mum or mother figure, which is why our School of Floristry hosts floral workshops to allow you to both express your creativity and explore in a fun and casual learning environment.

Mother's Day is more than just a day on the calendar; it's a heartfelt celebration of the bond between mothers and their children. By understanding its history and embracing thoughtful event ideas, you can create a memorable and meaningful day for the special woman in your life.

Why Pearsons Florist?

Our Mother's Day collection is thoughtfully designed to cater to the uniqueness of every mother, from grandmothers and mothers-in-law to mother figures. It features a diverse range of floral arrangements that carry deep symbolic meanings:
Native Flowers: Celebrating the unique beauty and resilience of Australia's flora, native flowers represent strength and enduring love. They are an ideal choice for mothers who appreciate the natural elegance and distinctive charm of Australia's landscape.
Roses: A classic symbol of love and appreciation, roses in our collection carry a variety of meanings. Pink roses express gratitude, yellow roses celebrate friendship, and red roses signify deep love and admiration, making them a versatile choice for honouring mothers.
Orchids: These blooms stand out for their exotic beauty and elegance, symbolising admiration, respect, and a unique bond. Orchids are perfect for mothers who appreciate the finer things in life and the deep, enduring relationships they symbolise.
Plant Hampers: For a gift that keeps on giving, our plant hampers are thoughtfully curated with a variety of green and flowering plants. They symbolise growth, nurturing, and the blooming relationship between mothers and their children, offering a lasting reminder of your love and appreciation.
Dried Flowers: Offering beauty that endures, our dried flower arrangements are a modern and sustainable option. They symbolise enduring love and the lasting impact of a mother's care, making them a thoughtful and unique gift.

Our commitment to freshness, quality, and artistic flair ensures that your floral gift reflects your heartfelt sentiments.

Our Collection: A Tapestry of Emotions

Explore our collection and find the perfect bouquet that mirrors their beauty and resilience. From the serene elegance of our Classic Pink Vase to the vibrant cheerfulness of our Pink Crush arrangement, our arrangements are meant to make her day unforgettable. For those looking to personalise their gifts, we offer thoughtful add-ons like gourmet chocolates, fine wines, and scented candles, making your gesture even more special.

Dedicated to Making Her Special Day

Proud of our reliable, same-day delivery service for orders placed before 2PM from Monday to Friday, we ensure your expression of love arrives on time. Serving all over Sydney, we're committed to making this Mother's Day a celebration of the remarkable mothers in your life.

Not only this, our entire range is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. As Sydney's premier florists with years of experience, we believe you deserve nothing but the finest. Therefore, if your floral arrangement does not meet your expectations, please inform us within 48 hours. You can either voice your concerns or return the arrangement, and we will craft a new one for you, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Make Her Day Truly Special

Don't wait to show your mother the depth of your love and appreciation. Discover our Mother's Day collection at Pearsons Florist and choose a gift that speaks volumes. Flowers are more than just a gift; they're a symbol of love, appreciation, and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Mother’s Day flowers sustainably grown or sourced?

Yes, Pearsons Florist is committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Our Mother's Day flowers are sourced from growers who adhere to sustainable farming methods, ensuring that your gift not only brings joy but also supports eco-conscious initiatives.

Am I able to have personal messages sent alongside my flowers?

Absolutely! We believe personal messages add a special touch to your gift. You can include a personal message with your flower order, and we will ensure it is beautifully presented with your chosen floral arrangement.

How will I know what my flowers look like before they arrive?

Each one of our Mother's Day floral arrangements is showcased on our website with detailed descriptions and high-resolution images from multiple angles, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your selection’s design, colour, and size. If you have any specific preferences, our expert florists will work with you to ensure your gift meets your vision.

How will my flowers look upon their delivery?

Your gift will be exquisitely designed by our dedicated team of florists, creating unique arrangements that are then gift-wrapped in our signature style. Expect your delivery to arrive beautifully presented, reflecting the care and creativity that define our brand's commitment to excellence.

Am I able to pick up my order from you directly?

Yes, you are welcome to pick up your order directly from us. We’re in Bondi Junction and Stanmore, making it easy for those who prefer to deliver their gifts in person or want to see the arrangements first-hand before gifting.

I’m unsure about what flowers I want to give as a gift. Can you help me?

Of course! Our expert florists are here to help you choose the perfect flowers for Mother's Day. We can guide you through our collection, explaining the meanings behind different flowers and arrangements, to help you select a gift that truly expresses your feelings.

What different colours of flowers are best for Mother’s Day?

For Mother's Day, pink roses are popular for expressing gratitude, yellow for celebrating friendship, and red for deep love and admiration. However, there's a wide range of colours including white for purity, lavender for enchantment, and orange for enthusiasm and passion. The best colour depends on the message you want to convey to your mother.

Do I need to be at home when my delivery arrives?

No, you do not need to be at home for your delivery. If you're not available, we can leave the flowers in a safe place or with a neighbour, as per your instructions. We ensure your flowers are handled with care and delivered in perfect condition, regardless of your availability.

How do I make sure the flowers last as long as possible?

Here are some flower care tips that you can make use of to keep your flowers looking fresher for longer, such as:
• Keep your flowers in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and draughts.
• Trim the stems at a 45-degree angle before placing them in water to enhance water absorption.
• Change the water every two days to prevent bacterial growth.
• Use the flower food provided with your arrangement to nourish your flowers.
• Remove any leaves below the waterline to keep the water clean.