Orchids Delivery Sydney

There are over 25,000 orchid species. The most popular are Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cattleya, and Vanilla. Epidendrum orchids grow well in the garden, whereas paphiopedilum orchids thrive indoors. Phalaenopsis orchids are perhaps the simplest to cultivate. Orchids bloom in most colours and are famous for their fragrance.

What do Orchids mean?

Different colours mean different things for each type of Orchid.

The Phalaenopsis orchid represents health and wealth, while the Dendrobium represents knowledge and beauty. Cymbidium symbolises power and nobility, and the Oncidium Orchid represents devotion and skill.

How to care for your Orchids 

Orchids require proper lighting to thrive. They prefer moist but not soggy soil.

While in bloom, orchids don’t require fertiliser. Instead, scatter sphagnum on top and mist frequently as it dries. After the flowers have withered, you can either trim or let the flower spikes fall off naturally. During the resting stage, the plant grows new leaves and roots.

Orchids Flower Delivery Sydney

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