Terrarium Care Guide

Terrariums are easy to care for if you follow these simple instructions!

  • Always place Terrarium indoors in an area that receives natural light, but no direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will burn the tropical plants used in our Terrariums. 

  • Leave lid on at all times to keep humidity stable and not let moisture escape. 

  • A Terrarium is an enclosed tropical ecosystem with minimal water loss. As a guide water every 2-4 months. A good indication of whether your Terrarium needs water or not can be seen when condensation and moisture are not present.  Never pour water into vessel, rather spray lightly until plants and soil have moistened.  

  • Feel free to trim your plants back if they outgrow their space. Be sure to trim the oldest foliage first. 

  • Leaf litter can be removed at any time to keep your Terrarium looking tidy!

  • Condensation is a normal part of an enclosed tropical terrarium. Glass will clear as condensation forms, particularly in the summer months. 

Most importantly, enjoy your beautiful Terrarium!