Succulent Plants


Here are some tips from Sydney’s Plant Experts that will help you to keep your indoor plants fresh, lasting longer and looking their best.


Succulents are very slow growing and won't need to be re-potted for many years.


Only water the soil and make sure that you let it dry out completely before each watering. There is no need to water the leaves but an occasional wipe down will keep them dust free.


Succulents prefer lots of light - make sure they receive a minimum of 6 - 8 hours of sunlight per day. Be careful during the hotter months that they are not being scalded by direct sunlight through a window. Succulents are photo sensitive and lean towards the light. To ensure a straight and even plant, rotate periodically.


Succulent plants are stylish and easy to care for and come in so many interesting shapes and colours. They add a sculptural touch of green to any space.

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