Rubber Plant Care Tips

Ficus Elastica, commonly known as the Rubber Plant is an easy to care for indoor plant perfect to add sculptural shape and wonderful colour to the home or office.


Ficus Elastica is an easy to care for plant with gorgeous variegated coloured leaves. Tough and low maintenance. Wipe the leaves once a month with a damp cloth to keep them dust free and looking fresh.


Water the plant when dry, more often during the warmer months and less during the winter. Always check the soil first and make sure that your plant never sits in too much water. Make sure that the water is being absorbed between watering.


Ficus Elastica grows well indoors with good filtered, natural light. Do not over expose plants to direct sunlight, no more than a few hours per day. The variegated varieties can take more direct light than other types. They grow well on a verandah as long as you are in a frost free area.


Rubber Plants are much admired for their beautiful glossy leaves and add colour to any corner of a room.

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