Phalaenopsis Orchid


Here are some tips from Sydney’s Plant Experts that will help you to keep your indoor plants fresh, lasting longer and looking their best.


Orchids don't like their roots to sit in water. If your plant is in a glass vase check that there is no water sitting in the bottom of the vase. Don't overwater - if your leaves start to turn yellow you are adding too much water.


Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing potting medium to dry out between watering. Water once per week when they are blooming. Less water is needed in the cooler months. Always check that the soil/moss has dried out before watering the plant each time.


Place your orchid in a bright position indoors but not direct sunlight.


Phalaenopsis Orchids are stylish and easy to care for with beautiful blooms that add lovely colour, perfect for any home or office.