Calathea Plant Care Guide

Calatheas are wonderful plants originating in Brazil. They provide gorgeous colour and design with their beautiful elegantly-shaped variegated leaves. They are easy to care for if you follow a few simple tips.

  • Don't overwater, always check the soil first with your fingers. If it is wet and soggy leave it for a few more days, if it is dry add a little water. As a general rule water once a week in the summer and less in the cooler months. 
  • As Calatheas originate in the rainforests of Brazil they prefer a humid environment. Don't place them near heaters or air conditioners which could dry them out and keep them away from drafty positions. A gentle misting with water every now and then would be lovely.
  • As their natural habitat is ground cover in the rainforest they prefer a sheltered position not in direct sunlight. If the leaves lose their vibrancy they may be placed in a spot that is too bright so move them somewhere with more diffuse light. 
  • As with all indoor plants, cut away any dead leaves as they occur and give your plant a wipe down with a damp cloth occasionally to keep the foliage dust free and nice and glossy.
Best of all, enjoy your beautiful plant.