October 20, 2020 | Spring
The Roselily is a pollen free variety of Oriental lily with a soft and gentle fragrance. Yes it's pollen FREE - so no more pollen on your clothing after handling them! Intrigued? 

Roselily is the term for a unique series of double-flowering lilies with all the most positive characteristics and none of the negative associations of the more traditional lily varieties.

  1. Roselily varieties do not have the strong scent of some varieties of lilies, their fragrance is soft and subtle and will not overpower a room
  2. These flowers produce no pollen which is an important advantage over traditional lilies. No more stains on clothing or furniture.
  3. Roselilys like most varieties of lily are long lasting. If you buy them in bud, your flowers will give long-lasting pleasure if kept in a lovely cool space. Up to ten days!!
  4. And most importantly Roselily varieties are really beautiful. As their flowers open they resemble is a large multi-petalled rose. No wonder this variety was named for the two flowers: the rose and the lily. The natural beauty of two flowers combined into one!
In Sydney they are in season NOW and provide a beautiful showy vase of long-lasting colour!!