Go Green

March 12, 2019 | AutumnFlowers
As we welcome Autumn we are going to share with you our love of all things green!

Apart from the phenomenal variety of plants available to create our own indoor jungles, the array of cut stems and branches on offer is also truly exceptional. From a simple desk plant to massive hanging installations using foliages, going green is the perfect way to create an invigorating, refreshing and inviting space.

Over our many years working with plants we have realised that plants not only add beauty to any room but can add to the feeling of well-being of the occupants. Plants play an important role in Feng-Shui too. As they purify the air and activate positive energy in your home or office a strategically placed plant can work wonders. Some plants like the jade tree are associated with good fortune and flowering plants like the orchid bring love and serenity to any room.

For a large event creating your ambience with green plants and foliage promotes joy and a lively atmosphere. The fresh look and feel imparts a bright and vigorous energy. Mix up your decorations with large mixed vases of different shaped branches and leaves and include green flowers like hydrangea and anthuriums to carry the theme.

This season our stores are filled with gorgeous green and flowering plants perfect for gifting or just decorating your own little bit of jungle!