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Flowers for Feng Shui

October 18, 2021
The ancient art of Feng Shui seeks to address design imbalances within the home that disrupt the flow of positive energy. To this end, flowers can be a very positive tool! Carefully placed fresh flowers or plants can do much to improve the energy flow of a room. Sharp edges that jut into a room or empty corners can generate negative energy, flowers placed in these spaces can help reverse the process.

To counteract negative forces you could try standing flowers in front of a mirror to reflect beauty into your life. Fresh aromas are a positive force in a room and certain colours can also be useful. Green is a particularly lucky colour within Feng Shui.

You can enhance Feng Shui with certain flowers:
Peony- symbol of love and wealth
Rose - symbol of prosperity
Chrysanthemum - confidence & harmony
Lotus - balance of past, present & future
Daffodil - career growth
Orchids - enhance family growth

Most plants are good for Feng Shui as long as they are healthy. A dying plant creates negative energy. Snake plants are protective and round leaf plants generally provide good chi (energy).

Which goes to show that flowers are not only beautiful but can enhance your lifestyle in many positive ways. More reasons to indulge!